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01. Advertising

Online Advertising

People don’t buy products or services because advertisers tell them to. They buy them instead because they think that what they purchase will make their lives better. That’s something called desire. We understand that in order to sell products, we have to create desire. By combining consumer insights with engaging storylines, McQ Marketing Group creates brand communications that drive desire and increase sales.

McQ Marketing Group can help you finesse advertising that can help your business grow. Whether it's Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, Bing, Waze, YouTube Pinterest or Snapchat, we can put together a plan this will increase your bottom line. 

We work with your business to research your objective and find opportunities to reach and engage with your target audience using creative online advertising campaigns to deliver the most effective message or story about your brand or service. Our campaigns evolve over time using data analysis to fine tune your audience targeting and continually evolve the creative message to keep your audience engaged.

McQ Marketing Group

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Click here to schedule a free consultation via Calendly. Or you can easily call us at 203-689-3419 for a free in-depth analysis of your business, which includes a price quote. You may also click the button below or email us at

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