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03. Media Consulting

Transforming Your News Operation

Local TV stations and news organizations need not lose ground to other competing media platforms. They must scale appropriately and change the way that they gather news and produce long and short form content. The live newscast model no longer works. A broadcast first mentality no longer works. Local media must work smarter not harder when it comes to providing thought-provoking and paramount local content to its community. 

McQ Marketing Group Founder Christopher Michael McHugh has navigated the bare-knuckle world of network and local news. He was a producer at Fox News Channel and one of the producers that launched Fox Business Network. He has been a news producer and editor for multiple news sites. His years of experience, in both the TV and online world can help you transform your newsgathering operation and position it for the future. 

When it comes to local news transitioning to the online world, we wrote the book on it, literally

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