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You have money, but no time. You need a producer/marketer to help you grow your personal brand so that you can achieve your goals. 

We help you:


  • Create your in-home or in-office studio

  • Improve your on camera performance

  • Create shows, segments and/or ads

  • Distribute your content for you

Click on a date below to schedule a Zoom chat. Then, on the next screen, take a look at our pricing – and click on the services you need.

You’ll meet with owner Christopher Michael McHugh, a man who has influenced millions of people through his work as a producer at Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

Click below to get started!


Dr. Deb Schreibman, Medical Practice Owner

"McQ Marketing Group has drastically grown my practice through advertising and social media while raising my profile through video production, public relations and podcasting."



Cody Willard, Hedge Fund Manager

"As a former Fox Business Network anchor and hedge fund manager, I turned to McQ Marketing Group when I wanted to start my own online talk show."

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 4.01.01 PM.png

Troy Langer, Construction Company Owner

"McQ Marketing Group helped me grow my business from me and my remodeling crew to an extremely profitable company with an office manager, full-time workers and a fleet of vehicles."

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