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07. Webinars

Webinars Generate Excellent Sales Leads

Webinars are the best communication channels for businesses to target audiences. They continue to be a key source of information for customers and prospects. McQ Marketing Group gets rid of the headaches associated with webinars. 

With our webinars you can deliver tremendous value to customers while forging more personal connections. During the presentation, we can include pop-up calls to action, so attendees can easily make a purchase. We also moderate incoming comments and can poll the audience. The webinar can be streamed to YouTube live or Facebook live, or it can be private. And we can customize your webinar's pages for brand consistency.


When you work with McQ Marketing Group, during the presentation, we can insert pre-recorded video, as well as capture a recording of the presentation. Analytics and real-time interaction tracking are also included. 

McQ Marketing Group

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