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06. Websites & SEO


Every single business needs to have a website. Your website serves as your company's identity. It is the primary source of recognition that is the basis of which you build a business partnership with your clients or customers.

It needs to be attractive and informative enough to strike a deal right from the outset. All of this depends on how functional, aesthetically pleasing and superior it is in comparison  your competitors. 

An impressive web presence conveys the quality of your company. And a professional website, even subconsciously, at first blush, immediately builds trust with your audience. McQ Marketing Group work closely with you to build, renovate and modernize websites. Our website development services range from creating the simplest static, single funnel pages to the most complex ecommerce websites.


Search engine optimization is essential for improving the online visibility for your business. Our team understands the Google and other search engine's algorithms and their complexities. We tailor our services to optimize your website in a way that the algorithm favors to rank highest. On average, more than 40% of clicks go to the first results available on search engines, so working with the best is crucial.

Every website is completely different, and that's why every SEO strategy should be customized. McQ Marketing Group focuses on how much revenue and profit we can drive to your business. Our strategy is to always employ a wide variety of techniques that ensure a stronghold on your website's rankings and results.

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