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Secrets of Producing TV And Online News

Written by Christopher Michael McHugh


Until now there were no textbooks that walk future TV and online news producers through an actual day on the job, step-by-step.


When starting in the news industry, author Christopher Michael McHugh scoured every resource available while looking for day-in-the life, conversational instructions on how to create content simultaneously for TV and the online world. Since one did not exist, he created a resource detailing this process, while also focusing on “line producing” a newscast and assembling a show “rundown,” which are two of the broadcasting industry’s best kept secrets.

SECRETS OF PRODUCING TV AND ONLINE NEWS will become the new bible for individuals producing content in this ever-changing and rapidly accelerating media landscape.

Christopher Michael McHugh has navigated the bare-knuckle world of network and local news, producing content for media companies in New York such as Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and the Aol-Huffington Post Media Group's His years of experience, in both the TV and the online world, have been boiled down to a minute-by-minute account of what someone needs to know to hit the ground running at their first job, as well as position themselves for the transformation of the news industry.


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